ALQUERQUE is among the oldest of all board games. Examples of the game have been found dating from 1400 B.c.carved into the roof of the temple of Kurna in Egypt. During the Middle Ages, Alquerque was introduced by the Moors into Spain. Called el-quirkat in Arabic, the game and its rules are mentioned in the tenth-century Arabic work Kitab-al Aghami. Several different versions of the game also were included in the Libro de Juegos of Alfonso X King of Castile.

Alquerque was brought to the New World by the Spanish and became popular among the Kere and Hopi Indians in the southwestern part of the United States, where it is known as aiyawatstani or tuknanavuhpi.

Twelve-man Alquerque (“Alquerque de Doce” ) has probably alwavs been the most popular version of the game. In many respects, thc game is similar to Checkers and Chess. It is played on a square containing 16 smaller squares, each of which is divided by a . Fach player attempts to jump and capture his or her opponcm’s pieccs. The game remains popular in Spain today.



To capture all of the opponent’s pieces.square playing board divided into 16 smaller squares and 24 playing pieces, of one color for one player and t z of another color for the second player.
When one player has the opurtunity to jumpan opponent’s piece and does not jump it, her piece is removed from the board and considered captured by the opponent.

A player can win the game of Alquerque by capturing all of III opponent’s pieces or by blocking them so that the opponent eammn move. If neither player can move, then the game ends in a draw.