Alquerque 2

FANORONA is an Alquerque game from Madagascar (now the Malagasy Republic) that is said to have magical powers that enable it to predict the future. Invented during the seventeenth century, the game was played on a double Alquerque board inscribed on flat stones or drawn on the ground. Captures in Fanorona are not made by jumping over an opponent’s piece as in most of the other versions of Alquerque.

Instead, a whole row of the opponent’s pieces can be captured by simply maneuvering one of your own pieces next to their row of pieces! This unique capturing move makes Fanorona a fascinating challenge to anyone who has mastered Alquerque.

It was during the storming of the capital of Madagascar by the French in 1895 that the game was supposedly played by the Queen of Madagascar and her advisors, who believed that the outcome of the game would predict who would win the forthcoming battle.


OBJECTIVE To capture all of the opponent’s pieces. MATERIALS.-A double Alquerque playing board and playing pieces. Each player uses a different color.To BEGIN PLAY.-Place each player’s pieces on the board as shown at the top of page 68. One space is left vacant in the center of the board.