CHIVALRY was one of the many battle games manufactured by Parker Brothers of Salem, Massachusetts, during the late i88os. Included among these games were such titles as the “Battle of Manila,” “Waterloo,” “Trafalgar,” and “Roosevelt’s Charge.” But it was Chivalry that the Parker Brothers Catalogue described as the best board game invented in 2,000 years! In Chivalry, each one of the players has an army of eight knights and 12 pawns with which they try to capture the opponent’s pieces and occupy his stronghold to win the game. Although the knights and pawns can make different moves, as in Chess, Chivalry is a much <impler game to learn.

  • Despite its simplicity, the number of tactical possibilities in the one-to-one battle between players in Chivalry makes it as exciting and stimulating as the most complicated board games.
  • Parker Brothers introduced a simplified version of Chivalry Inown as Camelot in tq3o. But neither Chivalry nor this new version 4 the game was able to attain the original game’s popularity, for both ere superseded by a revived interest in the even older game of Back=ammon.


To be the first player to occupy the stronghold spaces ,your opponent’s side of the board with any two of your own pieces.

An irregularly shaped playing board of 176 squares. Irxh player’s stronghold spaces are marked with stars or xs on oppoite sides of the playing board. Each player has playing pieces that re pawns and eight pieces designated as knights. All the pieces are of a different color from their opponent’s pieces.
BEGIN PLAY Place each player’s pieces on the board as illus¬¨ated at the top of page and decide which player will take the firsturn.