Chivalry 2

To PLAY Both knights and pawns can move in three basic ways: By moving one space in any direction but not diagonally. ” By “cantoring,” or leaping over, one of your own pieces to a vacant space on the other side. Players may leap over as many of their own pieces as possible within one turn.

A player does not have to make a cantor move if one is possible.Or, by jumping over an opponent’s piece in any direction to a vacant space on the other side . When an opponent’s piece is jumped, it is removed from the board. A player must make a jump move whenever possible and must continue jumping all the pieces possible within one turn.

Pawns can make any of the three moves described but cannot combine any of them within one turn. Knights can combine cantoring over one of their own pieces with jumping an opponent’s piece or pieces, but all of the cantor moves must be made before the jumps.A knight cannot combine the basic move of advancing one space n any direction with a cantor or jump move.

The first player to succeed in placing any two of her pieces in her ,pponent’s two stronghold spaces on the opposite side of the board A ins the game.