Fox Geese 2

Just as in the board game, the Geese have greater flexibility. The player who is picked to be the Fox can only run along the straight lines, but the Geese can run along any of the paths. On the playground, the game is really tag, for if the Fox touches a Goose, that Goose must become the Fox.


OBJECTIVE.-The Geese try to trap the Fox so that it cannot move, and the Fox tries to capture as many of the Geese as possible so that they cannot surround it.MATERIALS.-A cross-shaped board with 33 holes or spaces connected by straight and diagonal lines. Seventeen playing pieces of one color for the Geese and one piece of another color for the Fox are used.

To BEGIN PLAY.-Place the pieces on the board as illustrated below. The Fox is usually placed in the center, as shown, but it may be placed on any vacant spot the player chooses.To PLAY.-The Fox always takes the first turn. It is able to move in any direction: forward, backward, diagonally, or sideways, along the connecting lines.

The Fox tries to capture the Geese by jumping over them into a free space on the board. It may capture more than one Goose in one move as long as there is an empty space for it to land on next to each Goose that is captured. The captured Geese are all removed from the board.If it has no other move, the Fox must jump a Goose even if it lands on a vulnerable spot.The Geese may move forward, to the side, or diagonally along the connecting lines, but never backward.Geese may not jump over the Fox but must try to surround or trap it instead.

The Fox and Geese alternate turns. The Geese try to win by crowding the Fox into a corner so that it cannot move. The Fox can win by capturing so many of the Geese that they cannot surround it or by forcing all the Geese to move forward to the other side of the board so that they no longer have a move and can’t chase it.