Fox Geese 4

THE CHINESE REBEL GAME, another battle game related to Fox and Geese, is played on a board like the one illustrated below. A Commander, who corresponds to the Fox, is placed in the center of the board. He attempts to evade the zo Soldiers who surround him.

Although he is outnumbered and heavily surrounded, the Commander may capture the Soldiers by jumping over them as in Fox and Geese.To PLAY GAME.


The Soldiers try to trap the Commander by surrounding him or penning him into a corner. The Commander may win by capturing so many Soldiers that it is impossible for them to surround him or by returning to his camp, which is marked by the x on the playing board.

Rectangular playing board of 39 spaces with a triangular area that surrounds the specially marked camp of the Commander at one end of the board, and ao playing pieces of one color for the Soldiers and one piece of another color for the Commander.The players decide who is the Commander. The Commander takes the first turn and the players continue alternating turns.

To Both the Soldiers and the Commander may move forward, sideways, and backward into a vacant spot where the lines intersect, but neither can move diagonally. The Commander may capture a Soldier by jumping over it into the adjacent vacant spot. E Ie may jump only one Soldier at a time. That Soldier is removed from the board when captured. The Commander will always capture a Soldier on his first move.

Since the Soldiers almost always win, unless the Commander is particularily cunning, it is suggested that the players alternate being the Commander and play a set of games to see who can trap the C;ommander the most number of times.