Fox Geese 5

HARE AND HOUNDS is a modern variation of Fox and Geese that was first manufactured in England by the Chad Valley Game Company . As in Fox and Geese, a highly mobile player, the flare, attempts to avoid capture by a pack of less mobile Hounds.


NUMBER OF PLAYERS.-Two to six. One player is the Hare and the other players are the Hounds.


The Hare attempts to escape the Hounds and reach one of the two spaces marked with an x at one side of the board, while the Hounds attempt to capture the Hare by surrounding it so that it cannot move.

MATERIALS.-A square playing board that is marked with many circular spaces that are connected by lines. Five playing pieces of one color represent the Hounds and one piece of another color represents the flare.To BEGIN PLAYThe Hare is placed in the center space on the side of the board that has five playing spaces. The Hounds are placed in any five of the six playing spaces on the opposite side of the board.To PLAY The Hare always has the first move and may move one space in any direction in each turn.

The Hounds also move one space per turn and can move in any direction except backwards.The five Hounds may be moved in any order. If more than one player is moving the Hounds, these players must agree on which Hound is to be moved each turn.The five Hounds try to win the game by surrounding and trapping the Hare so that it cannot move, as illustrated below.