Gobang 2

Hasami Shogi, another variation of Go-Bang, is a very popular chil¬dren’s game in Japan. Played on a board similar to a Go board, the game quickly becomes exciting as both players not only try to capture their opponent’s pieces, but also try to prevent their opponent from forming a row of nine pieces. At the same time, they are trying to form their own row of nine pieces. This makes the game a fast-paced combi¬nation of blocking, attacking, and out-witting your opponent.


To be the first player to complete a row of nine pieces in any direction anywhere on the board, except the two rows designated as your own home base. At the same time, each player tries to capture as many of the opponent’s pieces as possible to prevent the opponent from completing a row of nine pieces.

A square playing board divided into 81 squares, nine on each side. Each player has 18 playing pieces with one player’s set being a different color from the opponents’ To BEGIN Play Each player places his or her j8 pieces on the board, as illustrated at the top of page 154, and decides which player v-ill take the first turn.