Gobang 3

To PLAY Each player may move one piece per turn in any direction, except diagonally.A piece may be moved to a vacant adjacent square or may jump over a piece, either the player’s or the opponent’s, to a vacant square next to it. Jumped pieces are not removed from the board. No more than one jump is permitted per turn.

An opponent’s piece may be captured and removed from the board if a player’s piece can be moved so that it traps the opponent’s piece between two of the player’s pieces, or traps the opponent’s piece in one of the corners of the board.

A piece is not captured if it is diagonally flanked by two of the opponent’s pieces.A player’s piece is not considered captured if the player moves it ,wto a vacant square between two of the opponent’s pieces.The game is won by a player’s either capturing all of his or her pponent’s pieces, or by successfully moving nine pieces into a row,orizontally or vertically, anywhere on the board except along the player’s own two home base rows.

If a player captures at least ten of Ue’ opponent’s pieces, it is impossible for the opponent to form a row ,f nine pieces. But even if ten or more of your pieces are captured, you ‘nav still prevent your opponent from forming a row of nine pieces or , ou may even capture all of your opponent’s pieces and win the game!