Halma 2

Four sets of playing pieces, each set a different color, are used for the game. Two sets must have ig pieces, whereas the other two sets need only 13 pieces.

To BEGIN PLAY.-In order to play Halma with two players, place ig pieces in two yards opposite one another, as shown below.When the game is played by three or OUT players, 13 pieces are placed on the board, as shown at the top Decide which player will move first. Only one piece may be moved at each turn. Players continue taking turns counterclockwise around the board.

To PLAY-The basic move for Halma is to move one piece one space in any direction.Jumping moves are also allowed. A player may jump one piece over an opponent’s piece or over one’s own piece. Jumps may also be made in any direction, as long as there is a vacant square to land on after each jump.

Pieces are not removed from the board when they have been jumped. A player may not combine the basic move or “step” with a jump or “hop” move in the same turn.

The most effective stategy for Halma is to set up a “chain” of pieces across the board that can rapidly be jumped with one’s piece, as in Checkers or Draughts.Blocking the opponent’s ability to move and jump is also an im¬¨portant element in successfully playing the game of Halma