Lexicon 4


In any of the board games in Play It Again in which pieces are moved and dice are thrown, there are some rules and penalties that should be remembered. Players should always decide if they are going to observe these rules before they begin to play the games:

Once a player has removed his hand after moving a piece, he may not change the move.When a player has made an incorrect move, the opponent may insist that the error be corrected if the opponent has not begun her own turn. Some rules state that if a player makes an incorrect move and the op¬ponent catches it, the player automatically forfeits or loses that turn.

If a mistake has been made in setting up the playing pieces on the board, either one of the players may correct it before the first turn is completed.


  • A move that serves several purposes is always better than one that only opens up one option.
    Always use the smallest number of pieces necessary to complete a move.
  • Always decide ahead whether a move will lose or maintain the offensive advantage in a game.
  • In many games, disconnected pieces are often easier to attack than pieces lined up together