Lexicon 5

The following is a list of suggested tools and supplies that are needed to make the game boards and playing pieces in Play It Again. Illustrations and explanations are included to make your job easier in getting together all of the materials that you will need.

Glue. Rubber cement or spray adhesive glues will enable you to glue the game-board patterns to the cardboard or posterboard smoothly. White glue may be used to glue heavier-weight cardboard.

Paper Fasteners.-Use paper fasteners to assemble the game boards for Pachisi and Ludo and to fasten the spinner pointer to the spinner board.Tacks.-You may also use tacks to attach the spinner pointer to the spinner board.Paper.-Plain white paper is best to use for copying most of the boards and playing-piece patterns in this book.

Cardboard and Posterboard.-Medium-weight cardboard can be cut from gift boxes or cardboard packing boxes. Posterboard can be purchased at art-supply stores, stationery stores, college bookstores, and some hobby stores. Heavier cardboard can also be cut from cardboard packing boxes.