Mancala 2

To BEGIN PLAY.-Place three pieces or seeds in each pit and decide which player will take the first turn.

1 PLAY.-The first player picks up all the pieces from any one of her •a pits and sows the pieces, one in each pit, around the board counter chmise, including in her own Kalaha. If there are enough pieces, w.r player continues sowing into the pits on the opponent’s side of the ard.

1 a player’s last piece lands in his own Kalaha, he gets another player may capture the pieces in her opponent’s pit if her last is sown in an empty pit on her own side of the board. The player gets to capture all of the pieces in the opposite pit (her oppo¬and store them in her own Kalaha along with the capturing her own).The dotted circles (below) indicate where nine playing pieces were before being moved into new pits.

When all six pits on one side of the board are empty, the game is over. The player who still has playing pieces in his own pits gets to put them in his own Kalaha. The winner is the player with the most “seeds” or pieces in his or her own Kalaha.