Nine Mens Morris 2

To PLAY.-The players take turns placing one of their pieces on an empty point on the board wherever two lines intersect, trying to get three of their pieces in a row in order to form a “mill.”Once a playe has formed a mill, he is entitled to “pound” the oppeent by removing one of her pieces from the board.A player may not remove an opponent’s piece if it is part of a mill unless there are no other pieces available on the board. Once a piece is removed from the board, it cannot be used again.

When all of the pieces have been laid down (nine turns for each player), the players then attempt to create new mills by maneuvering their pieces. A player may move each of her pieces from its existing position on one of the points of intersection to any adjacent point that is free. Mills may be broken and re-formed any number of times by moving one of the pieces off the line and then returning it to its former position. Each time a mill is re-formed or a new one is created, a player is entitled to pound his opponent and remove one of her pieces.

The game continues until one player is reduced by successive poundings to only two pieces on the board or until one player’s pieces are blocked by the opponent’s pieces so that the player is unable to make a move.