Nine Mens Morris 3

SIX MEN’S MORRIS is a version of Nine Men’s Morris that is played on a board marked with two concentric squares. Each player has six play¬ing pieces of his or her own color to place on the board, one at a time in alternating turns. The purpose of the game is to form a mill and pound the opponent.

As in Nine Men’s Morris, once all i a of the pieces have been placed on the board, the game is continued by the players’ moving pieces to adjacent free points in order to form new mills. Both placing the pieces on the board and moving them are equally important in the one-on-one strategy of the game.

When one player has only two pieces left, or cannot move be¬cause her pieces are blocked, the game is over.


THREE MEN’S MORRIS is played on such a simple board that it looks quite easy. But don’t be deceived, for this game can be one of the most fast-paced of all board games! The board is marked with a square divided into four equal squares.

Each player has four pieces of his or her own color. Players alternate turns, placing their pieces on points of intersecting lines until one completes a mill and is the winner.