QUEEN’s Unttu, also known as Agon, was a popular board game during the Victorian Era that combined the complexity of the strategy in Chess with the simplicity of the moves in Checkers. The game is won when one of the players positions his Queen in the center of the board surrounded by her attending guard of six pieces.


OBJECTIVE.-To be the first player to place your Queen in the board’s central space and surround her by your other six pieces (the Queen’s guards).
A hexagonal playing board made up of qi smaller hexagons. Each player has seven playing pieces whose color is distinct from those of their opponent’s pieces. One of these pieces is specially designated as a Queen. The remaining six pieces are guards.

To BEGIN PLAY.-After determining which player is to go first, you can begin the game in two different ways. In the first, the Queens (represented in the following illustration by square pieces) are placed in opposite corners, with each player’s guards taking alternating positions around the outer rim of the board.