To BEGIN PLAY.-The players decide who will take the first turn. The first player places two pieces on any squares of the board, except on the center square. The second player then does the same, and they continue placing two pieces per turn until all of the pieces are on the board. The center square is always left vacant.

To PLAY.-The last player to place two pieces on the board makes the first move, moving one piece forward or backward, but never diagonally. Obviously, the first move must be made into the center square. But if the first player to move a piece is unable to do so because the opponent’s pieces are blocking the center square, then one of the opponent’s pieces is removed.

A player may capture an opponent’s piece by flanking or confining it on both sides with two of their own pieces, horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally Captures can only be made after all of the playing pieces have been placed on the board.

A player may capture more than one of the opponent’s pieces if by continuing to move the same piece, the player can again flank one of the opponent’s pieces