Snake Ladders 2

To BEGIN PLAY.-As in many other race games, there are diflcnwn rules for playing Snakes and Ladders. The following rules are onlv m(way to play the game.

Each player rolls the die to see who goes first. The plavm \% it lv the highest roll takes the first turn. The other players take tlwir mrvs depending upon the number they rolled.

Each player throws the die and moves his or her piece the mwn Icr of squares indicated by the throw. Ilowever, a player in order to enter a piece on the number one square on the V) I”hat player then gets to throw again and move the piece

Throughout the game, whenever a player throws a 6 is awarded that player. If a player’s piece lands on a square already urrppiml I,v w Opponent’s piece, the opponent’s piece is knocked one square.
Whenever a piece lands on a square marked with the bwtmii ( the piece is automatically moved up the ladder